27th Day :: Engineering 1st year syllabus

I have been a student of B.Tech.CS branch.    There I feel  that syllabus of 1st year needs a change. I couldn’t understand the use of the subjects like  Electrical,Physics,Chemistry & Mechanical  for a CS student & vice-versa. Infact this is the problem which causes failure of many students or Y.B. If the student  abstain from Y.B. in 1st year even then they faces this problem as a burden  in next years  as back paper of that subject which has no importance for his branch.

The 2nd problem a 1st year student faces is a new environment & a new educational system. So we should give less burden in 1st year .

The 3rd problem is internal exam. With 50% of the total marks in internal exam, student becomes more dependable on  teacher which results in bribe to the teacher & using unfair means by student to make percentage.

As a solution of these problems I recommend these advices :-

1.       Subjects should be lesser & easier in 1st year.

2.       Subjects should be related to his branch. For this unnecessary subjects should be removed & some chapters of 2nd year should be included.

3.       An inspirational subject may also be added who guides student in handling exam pressure & learning subjects in a better way etc.

4.       The percentage of internal marks should be decreased from 50% to 25%.

5.       Passing in internal exam should not be must instead of it agregate percentage in internal & external exam should be used for passing cut-off.


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