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9th day :: Helping nation

What can we do 2 make our nation great. I think 1 thing  we have already done by applying democracy in india, now we have 2 make only democracy more powerful 2 make india as a great nation.
 D main factor of democracy r common people, so we have 2 empower d common people 2 make our nation mighty.
 we have 2 educate our people more & more in such a way that they can know their duty & powers, also they should be able 2 make decisions.
   Thus we have all 2 do is only make our people be able 2 make decisions about our nation & then give them power 2 decide.....!!!

8th day :: Education system

Our education system should be in such a way that it can help in living our life more comfortably.
I think it should have 2 main aims :-
1-  person should know his general duties & powers.
2-  person should get comfortable services & powers on d basis of till what level he has studied.
 I'm writing it b'coz i have seen that an engineer has studied more than a clerk but he still faces problems during any official work being done by that clerk.

 1 more aim i'll want 2 add that we should give person an option to choose d field of his interest without any pressure for study & then we should manage a job 4 him in that field if it's possible practically...

7th day :: D Selfishness

Selfishness is assumed 2 be a worse word in people, but i have found it also useful. we would need it while doing great works without having a sense of ego in ourselves. In this way we never assume us as a great man, thus never create ego in us. this approach is important b'coz at d point when we assume us a great man, infact d sliding point 4m top.
My brother always used 2 say that 'I' is d 1st person,'U' second & all 'Others' r third person, so apply this priority order before handling any matter.thus if u want 2 make any change in all 'Others', u should make change in u 1st.
  We can see many ex. of it in our daily life.  Infact near about  all rules & regulations r made 4 advantage of human being or humanity.
 e.g.  if u help any man after accident on d road then some other people also will be inspired by u & will help others in any trouble. Thus u will have more chances 2 get helped by someone when u r in any trouble...!!!

* Here selfis…

6th day :: success

Success & failure r only 2 sides of life to which we have 2 face.
 4 being a great man we have 2 face both of these sides without loosing confidence.
i.e.  we should neither be hopeless at any failure nor be too excited at any success, so that our feet remain on d earth.