24th Day :: The problems of problem makers

For many problems we blame politicians as ‘Guilty’, but ever we have thinked about the problems of  a politician. As a Voter is a unit of Democracy, Gram-Pradhan in village area or chairman in the town area is the unit of Politics at gross root level. So we can analyse the problem of whole politics by analyzing the problems  faced  by this unit of the Politics.

A Gram-Pradhan faces  these problems:-

1.       He have to spend money for  advertisement & to the Brokers. So he tries to make-up these expenses  when he won the election.

2.       He have to be chosen only  2 times in his whole life even if he does works honestly if he is from ‘General’ category  because of Rotation-Policy for reserved quota such as SC,ST,OBC or Women quota. So he have to spend whole life with the income in these 10 years maximum & alternate work after that.

3.       After  winning  the election he gets pressurized for giving bribe to the Officers even if he works honestly.

4.       He also gets pressurized for giving benefit to the men who have helped him in winning the election.

These are the problems when the Gram-Pradhan or politician is honest, & corruption increases  if he is not honest.

But what we can say about the corruption of Beurocrats. They have well paid salary even then they demand for  minimum of 10% of the whole amount of corruption being done  under him.Beurocrats blame for it to the politicians that they make pressure to do corruption.

But i say if they are honest, then  why they do not leave their percentage in corruption.

I don’t know what is the real solution of corruption but I definitely can say that it can be minimized to a large extent if  the Beurocrats want to do.

Jai Hind !

!………………. Be Cooool …………………!


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