20th Day :: Solar roofs

we should use Solar-roofs. I don't think it has any technical or other problems.
Practically what problem it has i don't know otherwise it is a good alternative of traditional energy sources.
perhaps cost is higher, but in case of solar-roofs it can save money of concrete roof.
then what's the problem?
After 10 hours of charging in day, it can deliver atleast 5-6 hours of sufficient use of electricity.
It's cost may be lower also if government promotes it by subsidising it with noticing that it is a most environ-friendly & can save the land & water uses especially for water-electricity + air-pollution made by Heat-electricity based on coal.
Also it can be used at a large scale in dessert areas like Rajasthan,where a lot of land is useless.
If there we establish a big solar-plant,then we can get double benefit- 1st is a lot of electricity & 2nd is shedding if used over roads.


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