17th Day :: The Golden Compass

I have described before in my previous blog about 'the Confusion'. today i'm going to tell you some other thing related to this condition.
Infact i feel that confusion is the condition when we give exam of our capacity, power of thinking, ability of choosing right things & moral values like honesty, courage, responcibility and care for other's problems etc. Also it is the point where a minute difference in choosing the right things causes to success or failure in future.

I feel many people in the world are wrong, only because they don't know the right ways or benefits of right ways & have chosen the wrong ways to solve their problems like earning money or taking revenge etc.
then the big question is what should we do when we are confused and don't know what is right or wrong?
I think we should choose the right way by using all our knowledge and senses we have & what we feel is right by our heart at that time, not on the basis of what others say is right in that situation.I feel right way is that which is beneficial for more people for more time.we should choose the way which is beneficial to us as well as beneficial for others, atleast beneficial to ourself & harmless for others. A 2nd thing we can do is that if anyone has done wrong against u then 1st interchange yourself with that person, then think what would have you done at that place. you will certainly get the answer that what is actually right or wrong.

I'm not saying that in this way we will be always right. But in the condition we feel after some time that we went wrong, still it's alright.
Because it's the only & most practical way to find what is really right for us and our society both.after all we are human, not god & making fault is human nature.
wrong people are the men who do not learn from previous faults & do not try to correct them.
Now one question arises in the mind that what is the most right way?
I think the way which is really beneficial to more people for more time is the most right way!
I like to call this approach as 'The Golden Compass', because it shows us path when we get confused same as compass shows the direction in dessert area.

By-the-way i personally think that neither anything is right always nor wrong always. It's all depends on our mentality, condition, target & capacity.
    (1) water is most useful thing to live. but if we fell-down into a pond having deep water & we don't know swimming, then it can cause to death.
    (2) suppose a soldier has been caught by enemies & he  have some important information which may be dangerous for his country if he let enemy know it.
         then what will be the best thing in world for him in that situation:-  "the Cynide".


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