19th Day :: The patent & selling of our product

We should patent our Ayurvedic & other knowledges, medicinal plants etc. As we have seen in last decade that we got right on Neem,Termeric & tulsi etc after fighting by some indians against patent of these plants & their medicinal use by foreigners. otherwise we could bounded to purchase the products from them which are our own.
so we have to search for our medicinal plants & knowledge.then we should try to patent it.
 after it we have only to pack it in a modern way. in this way we can sell our really good things which we have in a packing which world likes.
we will certainly be successful because we shall give really good things in a lower cast while foreigners are selling relatively bad things only in an attractive pack & with the help of advertisement.
as a reply to them we have all to say to men only "Jaago Grahak Jaago".
  For packing & selling our products we can learn something from a mom. A mom knows well what her child really need & give it to child in a packing which he likes.
e.g. child likes tea but mom knows he needs milk in reality. then what she does? she mixes 5% of tea in a glass of milk. now milk seems & tastes like tea & child accepts it happily.
but infact it is 95% of milk, which is healthful for child.
so we have to sell the things which are really beneficial or healthful to world in an attractive packing which the world likes.
It is our property which our ancestors have maintain in lacs of years & we should not leave it. Because these are the properties only on the basis of which we are unique in the world & for world respects indians irrespective of we are rich in the past,gulaam in the Mughal and British reign or poor in the present.

I hope one day will come again when we will prove the world that we are the best on the basis of our these properties.


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