Friday, November 23, 2012

16th Day :: Bharatnet

I have heared earlier that government is planning to control internet. In general & personally i don't think it right with seeing gov. records  related to other ferms under gov.
But i strongly feel a need of free organization for  internet same as 'TRAI'  for mobiles which can rule & regulate what is harmful and objectionable on internet & also have power to ban objectionable content.
 Many people are fearing that in this way gov. may misuse  it by using it to advertise it's party etc. but i don't think that it is going to happen.
but still keeping in mind people's worries i suggest to give an option  to people to choose from present & new internet lines.

My some suggestion are as bellow :-

 1 :-    sites which can be used by terrorists or have history of such action + sites having adult content with abusive language, unnatural sex, forceful sex, sex with girls less than 18 years, sexual stories & e-books based on relations(which is called as 'incest' sex stories) and adult chat sites also should be totally banned in india by using an internet filter in main line.

2 :-  After that we should give people 2 option to choose-
   (a) 1st will provide all contents as in present (except banned contents)
   (b) 2nd line will provide a virus+spyware+malware+worm+trojan etc free content by using a solid firewall or antivirus program in the line. so that it can provide a totally unharmful & fresh sites.

sites in 2nd line may also can be categarised in 2 parts:-
    * 1st will provide all unharmful, non objectionable sites with adult content which could allow to only people with the age of 18+.
    * 2nd will provide all unharmful, non-objectionable sites without adult content or language.  

3 :- after that gov. should make different certificates for all 3 categories :-
  (a) internet pack having all sites with harmful sites having viruses might named as 'A-'.
  (b) pack having all sites filtered from viruses etc with clean, non-objectionable adult content might named as 'A+'.
  (c) pack with all filtered sites without adult material might named as 'G',which means 'general'.

4 :- After that gov. should provide these packs to people by registration with full real identification and with a precaution that A- & A+ pack be given to people with the age of 18+.

5 :- Gov. should also make an official website by which anyone can know which person is using which pack.
it will help guardians in knowing their child might not go in wrong way.

6 :-  In this process some expenses will occur. i have a solution for it.
Gov. may charge for it with :
  (a) 50% on the internet connections with 'A-' certificates.
  (b) 30% on the connections with 'A+' certificates.
  (c) 20% on the connections with 'G' certificates.

7 :- In this way gov. may get many benefits -
  (a) guardian will not worry about that his child might not using wrong sites.
  (b) many people will get rid-off problems occurred by viruses,trojans etc, expenses on antiviruses & also slowing down of computer due to huge antivirus program. so people will happily pay for charges made by gov. for this facility.
  (c) gov. may also earn benefits by advertising such as recommending some useful sites.
  (d) by giving 50% burden of expenses on 'A-' internet pack gov. will get double benefit-
    * 1st is that people using objectionable content will get diverted from those sites & it will work as a penalty for them.
    * 2nd is that more people will connect to internet without any fear of wrong sites. Especially more student will connect to internet & get useful educational material from there because of lesser payment of 'A+' and 'G' packs.

8 :- last thing i want to recommend is to name the internet packs with 'A+' & 'G' certificates as 'BHARAT NET'.

9 :- One more thing i want to add if gov. is planning to give tablets & laptops to students, then i strongly recommend to make a non-removable default setting which can allow only unharmful,non-objectionable sites or can allow only sites from internet pack with 'G' certificate.

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