59th Day :: How to make our society clean from bad people

Our society is like a computer system & bad people are like the file infected with a virus. So we should use a solid antivirus system to make our computer(society) clean.Now think how an antivirus works:- it first repaires the files which are less corrupted and repairable & deletes the highly corrupted and unrepairable files.
Now a question raises that how we can set the limit when a corrupted file(bad people) is repairable and when it needs deleting? this limit all depends on our capacity or +ve energy.for this take a look to the science theory of energy:-
Positive and negative energy :-. Energy is like two pots filled with water. If we connect both the pots then energy will flow from higher to lower energy pot either it's +ve or -ve.  So We should be in the company of people with higher +ve energy & away from people with-ve energy.

we can use our anti virus by using 3 keys-
  i. e.  Ctrl, Alt then Delete key
now learn the condition to use these keys:-

Ctrl key      :-  if you have more +ve energy than the man's or people's -ve energy you are facing and their fault is forgivable then follow this method. Here you can try to change that people. Bellow is the basic  maths formula which will show that what type of behaviour we should follow with what type of people-

1.   (+)  *  (+)  =  (+)
2.   (-)  *  (-)    =  (+)
3.   (+)  *  (-)   =  (-)
4.   (-)   *  (+)   =  (-)
#   here sign in first & second column shows good(+) or bad(-) people & the middle sign with multiplication sign(*) shows the behavior we use against them & the sign in third column shows the results We get.
As you can see in first option if you use good behaviour with good people then we get good results,in second option if we use bad behaviour with bad people then it also gives us good results, in third option if We use bad behaviour with good people then we get bad results & in the last option if We use good behaviour with bad people then again we will get bad results..
These results are very true in our lives. Generally we and our system make some faults that we use bad behaviour for good people & good behaviour for bad people because of which we get many bad results.
E.g. our system behave very badly for any government offices work & on the other side human rights groups many times fights for criminals which all creates problems in society.

Alt key        :-.    Use this key I.e. alternative solution if fault is forgivable but you don't have sufficient +ve energy to convert -ve people against you into +ve & you hope that after some time you will get required +ve energy or you will get help from someone or from police etc. For getting time you can make a solid wall between you and other people so that no one can inject their -ve energy into us. If your wall weakens before getting sufficient energy then use Tit for tat formula..

Delete key  :- if you cannot arrange sufficient +ve energy to change people or person is so much corrupted (has very high -ve energy) that he will take very long time to make +ve or fault is unforgivable, then follow delete option


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