58th Day ::. Want to do Suicide; please do but do that slightly differently

I have explained before that suicide is also a type of decease and it can be cured as well as can be created also.  So if you are suffering from  suicidal thoughts then please contact a psychologist or psychiatrist.
But what to do untill you contact the doctor? you know that bear doesn't kill or eat the dead person, death is also like this . when you get surrounded by suicidal thoughts, just close your eyes & suppose yourself as dead! Now think what is the use of your dead body? you will feel that dead body is of no use for you ,so decide that you will donate it to the world i. e. "after today i will never want anything for me because i'm dead & so i will do everything for others".  Try to sleep now. Next day as you arises first remember what you have decided yesterday then think "today before sleeping I will help atleast ten people... After helping others you will feel a great relief in evening because now you have no tension to do something for yourself. Now take a beer, some food & go to sleep...! Repeat that next day again with a target to help more people... You will feel better now because you have no tension to do something for yourself and a happy feeling comes from that you have completed a great responsibility for others...!
It happens because when we think to suicide then we forget the value of our body and we loose the importance of ourself in our eyes. But when we help others then we raise our value by two times in  our eyes.  
Who gives us a new reasons to live for.
I call it 'Suicide therapy', to which I have applied many times for me & every time I have gotten a new energy and a new life...!
..... Thanks...!
,........... Be Happy & Confident.......... !!!


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