56th day :: No decease in the world is incurable

Some people may be shocked by reading this. But it's really true. There are many deceases in the world but every decease certainly  has it's permanent solution not available to people because of some reason either it's a small problem like cold, cough, headache etc or a big problem like anxiety, depression, dementia, madness, polio, hepatitis, cancer, aids, migraines, heart attack, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, confusion, focus problem, sexual problems  etc. 
Believe me it's true! Only accidental incidents need cure &operations in the hospital, otherwise all other deceases can be cured by a small amount of medicine at home even for a small time & also with a very low cost.
The reason why these deceases doesn't cured in hospitals are mainly 3, which are as follows -
1.    Doctor couldn't analyze what is the  problem or it's reason.
2.     Doctor doesn't want to cure so fast because he wants to make more money.
3.     Doctor doesn't want to cure because of some political pressure.

In all conditions only some deceases made automatically due to environmental or physical conditions otherwise all other diseases are being made by bad people for financial benefit or harassment or for taking revenge etc.
If you don't believe me, allow a peaceful death to the people fighting with cancer by injection & you will see the permanent solution will come in the market in the form of a   medicine within a month & also at a reasonable price compared to the medicines used to extend time of death due to cancer.
* one thing which the people don't know that any decease exist in the world can be created too by bad people and bad doctors. even suicide can be planned by giving a man psychiatric chemical & after that by some bad comments to harass the man . one more thing i want to tell you that if you are a good person and thinks well still from some time you feel dirty thoughts in your mind then it is also a type of mental decease which can be cured as well as can be created..!
Psychiatric Centers or torture rooms :-  you have been seen many films and shows in which a man or woman gets sent to psychiatric centers for torturing. In reality it's also true to a great extent. In psychiatric Centers patients mainly are political prisoners i.e. The prisoners who are sended there to be tortured or the real prisoners who are there so that they can skip from jail.
The treatment is only that give medicine based on indication or take half syringe of blood, analyze what elements are present there which are creating problems and then give medicine to remove unwanted elements & a syrup for mineral or vitamin or protein if patient lacks it. That's all what to be done & it should take maximum of one week to get the patient well.
...............Be positive & confident ...............


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