44th Day :: Space is not in vaccume

Some days ago when I was boiling water, I saw that many small particles were started to move in a circle. there some more particles who are smaller than those particles are moving around the big particles. this whole system is looking same as our solar system. Thus I have 'guessed' some properties of our solar system which r as bellow:-
1.  Our solar system is in a liquid medium made of a transparent but very tiny particles who has not discovered till now.
2.  if space is in a vaccume then by applying Newton's theory there should never need energy to travel because of absence of friction. so any rocket should travel with the velocity when it leaves the gravity field of earth & need no energy source until it gets in touch of gravity field of any planet.
3.  not big but a reason to think so is that in space things follow the rule of a liquid, I mean they  float in space.
4.  again if we apply Newton's law in space then things who are moving will keep moving until we apply opposite force. so it's impossible to come out of the rocket & then moving or stopping after moving in space.
5.  Also if space is in vaccume then light should never take time to pass through it because of no obstacles between earth and sun...


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