36th Day :: Networks

These days many criminal networks r active in our country like drug or intoxication, sex rackets & groups of mafias etc . D top members of these networks r very sharp minded. they work considering d human behaviour. Infact they know psychology and also they use psychiatric medicines to increase sexuality or tendency to take drug &  
 intoxications, so that person get forced to go to sex racket's place or to take drug, intoxications like heroin etc.  or they use it only for torchering .
 torchering has some main targets-
1. Blackmailing for money.
2. As a warning to officers & other people for not coming in their way of crime.
3. To admit new gangasters & controlling them for their organisation.
4. To force new girls to enter in their sex racket.

 1st of all they search for appropriate person such as a rich one for intoxication,a good looking girl who need money & a bad  behaviourial man or criminal with a sharp mind to use as a gangaster for them or a person with a lot of people connected to him for increasing network.

 In 1st case they searches 4 person who spends much money. then they searches 4 information about his frnds & other contacts including their nature. now they make contact with his frnds & make them in their side by giving them greed (of money,girl,number in college etc), any type of fear or just by tempering their emotions which is more useful respective to their nature. After that they get detailed information 
 about that person like where he spends much time,what is his likes & dislikes etc. on the basis of these informations they make their plan & instruct to his frnds to work according to the plan. Now his own frnds & others in his contact works as 'Dalaal' (or broker)  & they try to manipulate his mind to go to any particular place & use intoxications or have sex with a girl of that sex racket.
for making a girl agree to do sex for money,sometimes money works otherwise it's need created for that girl,sometimes tempering of emotions works,sometimes torcher works
for making a gangaster or using other's contacts for increasing his network a mastermind man gets information about that person in the same way but after that his way gets changed. Now he uses less money & more tempering of emotions.it's the best way they use to make other persons in his favour.The tempering of emotions mainly used for creating network & it is done especially with a man having many people in his touch.

Some examples of tempering of emotions:

  1. if the person has dispute with anyone, then it's easy to make him in mastermind's favour by fighting in support of that person.But a mastermind man never willing to finish the dispute because he knows the longer the dispute will go,the more people will involve in that dispute & thus he will get more chance to add more people in his network.
  2. if the person doesn't have dispute with anyone, then the mastermind man creates a dispute on the basis of wrong facts. In this case many times the person who makes dispute with the man is a mastermind's fellow. After fight gets over it doesn't affect mastermind, either the man wins or defeated.In both case the mastermind person displays himself as most caring & helping person to the man by saying like "Come on, i'm with u,take revenge,how your enemy can dare to beat u",if the man gets defeated by enemy & by saying like "Hey, u have beated the enemy very badly,u r the real macho man" in the case the man wins the fight. 
  3. After making the desired people in his favour the mastermind man tries to bend the people's thinking in the way which is useful for him & can make the people as a gangaster,prostitute or something else he wants to make them. e.g. he says commenting on girls & abusing them is a fun. harassing the weak persons, fighting, rape, drinking & taking other intoxications are the signs of a real macho man.In the same way for using girls in sex racket,he says to girls that short & inner body parts revealing dresses, drinking, taking drugs & having many boyfriends is a fashion & shows there freedom or frankness. After that it gets easy for him to use the girls to do sex for money.

There r mainly three types of networks:
  1. network started for a special purpose:         in this category the purpose of network world knows either good or bad. 2 types of networks exists 1st for good purpose like police station, media offices,religious places etc. & 2nd for bad purpose like any criminal's gang etc. In this category a network started for a bad purpose, expands only till a fixed limit because only the people already at wrong way wants to be a member of such network.
  2. network looks for a good purpose but in reality it's purpose is bad:  The best example of networks In this category are some of religious organizations working as a advertising agency of any particular political party or any particular category of country. many times these organizations are directly responsible for religion or cast based bloody collision which is organized to give benefit to any particular politician or party.  other example is the beauty-parlars running sex rackets in the background etc. these organizations take big benefit because people believe in them,so they take advantage by using people's emotions in anyone's favour.
  3. network committed for a good purpose in reality but gets pressurised for bad works by Hijacking it:   some mighty people doesn't waste time & money in forming a network, they directly choose an organization working for really good purpose with sufficient people connected to that org. After that they get control over top members of that org & say to work in the way they want.it is the most dangerous type because teachings of these organizations, people have tried practically in their daily life & have got positive results. so the people fully believe in the words of these org & if any top member gives wrong information in pressure, then each & every people will follow that.
*      the methods of making a network like tempering of emotions,hijacking of a network started for other purpose are the methods which are being used widely in our politics.


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