66th Day :: Misuse of Confusion in Politics

Confusion has its own pros & cons. I had tell you before in my previous post that confusions are beneficial specifically in research because it helps to break set limits even when you don't have much will power to break it .  but its bad result is that it conjume much time and still results we get maybe wrong..because by the state of confusion we could  get the power to open an unknown gate but we didn't know that gate opens in the way will be of heaven or hell .so if we are in the state of confusion, we need somebody who knows the right way and can save us from opening the wrong door of hell & at whom we can fully trust .
  but by our bad fate more people in the world are just opposite . such people who instead  of saving us from confusion, tries to get gain by throwing us in the situation of confusion.
these are those opportunist 50/50 type people who behave you good as well as bad behavior so that you never can decide to oppose them . and by this gain they reigne on us . they always  remain in contact with both the good as well as bad people . and thus by making quarrel between good and bad they reign on us . they never want to make justice , they just want to controll people so that they can reigne ...

.......jai hind.....!


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