71th Day :: Politics based on hate

The toxic people target a person with more contacts especially & captures his network by making the leader his friend or by making his contacts his (the leader's) eneamy (in case the leader denied that person's friend request)
in my case a game is being played in which i have to play a game in which benefit goes to it's sponsorsors in all ways.
in this game i have to fight with the people misbehave to me .
by one hand they support me on the other  hand they make agressive to the people (to those i have beaten for thier faults) & catch them for using them against me or other person as well in free of cost. in this way they play by both of thier hands & make profit while all others (me & the people beaten by me as well ) only loose in all other ways.
in my case tragedy is bigger because those toxic people have implanted a transmitter in my head & receiever in all other people close to me . everyone knows that every person has 1 good thought after 99 bad thoughts. so thus it's easier to make people hate me .

"it's my party" like thinking ::-  nearly every person has an attraction for any particular party or leader but it should be limited while i have seen people with nblood relations fighting for any particular leader or party while these parties use them only ...
....Be cool & confident ....


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