11th day :: Benefits of certainty of death

Very-very thanx 2 god 4 making death 'certain',so that it is present in our mind as an universal truth which teaches us d way 2 live in many ways...

1. we know that our life is limited,so that we get forced 2 do d works  also in a fast way & enjoy d life more n more b4 it gets lapsed. As a result we get forced 2 leave our laziness ...

2. we know that whatever we do 2 save us 4m death, it will come certainly one day, then y fear 4m death. it makes us freeminded even in a very bad situation which allows us 2 think freely n make good decision in that bad situation when generally one's mind gets closed n couldn't be able 2 think anything.

  Some other benefits r also may exist but this time my mind can't get more ...  buy....
  Be cooool !


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