10th day :: reason 2 like Sri Krishna

I never read 'Geeta', only 1 shlok of it i have read-'कर्मण्ये वाधिकारस्ते माँ फलेषु कदाचन .which means-'कर्म करते रहो परन्तु फल की चिंता मत करो'(although i want 2 add in last- 'if u r right through ur approach') & also in my area bhagwan Ram is more devoted than sri Krishna, also in my home we have a mandir of devi Durga yet i'm more devoted 2 sri Krishna b'coz he live his life in a way that is maching d way which i think an ideal life & also want 2 live like him.
 I like him b'coz unlike of all other gods he was not a king by birth, he live his childhood in ordinary way with some very ordinary people but become d king of kings only by his कर्म.
 Next reason is that he remain in touch with common people from childhood till end of his life.
 3rd reason which i like most is that all people who come in his touch, started 2 love him instead of fearing with his powers & doing d 'Pooja'.  B'coz i think when u make pooja, then even with all ur efforts u never can realise that god is urs. but when u love him, u will find him as someone ur own like ur close relative or friend, who cares 4 u all d time. plz forgive me if u r thinking that i'm saying 2 do something like our 'I.G. Panda'. no, it's not which i'm saying,it is blindness. even i don't believe in 'Bhakti', i believe only till d level of  'Sraddha' in god. b'coz till this level ur eyes remains open & u can complete ur duties 4 ur family n society.
 I like krishna ji's teachings b'coz he never said 2 escape our society n duties towards them 2 find only so called 'Mukti' & 'Happiness'.
 also i'm not ignoring d hard efforts 2 exercise 'tyag','leaving moh etc. of saints but these all r 4 that we can do 4 goodness of society or world & if anyone can make d world happier(i.e. can make d +ve change in world) with living normal life n without leaving his primary duties towards his family n society, then he is better than a saint who have more knowledge but can't do anything 2 help d world...
 One benefit of doing good with living normal life is that people easily make believe in them n start 2 think like this - " जब ये हमारे बीच का आदमी हमारे जैसे condition में रहकर महान काम कर सकता है तो हम भी कर सकते हैं ".


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