3rd Day :: base of Decision making

It can be a point of arguement that at what base we take decisions, d mind takes d lead role or d heart.
After much thinking & research, i got an answer that mind only argue on any matter but heart takes d decision on d basis of arguement made by mind & successful decisions taken in d past.
i.e.  Heart has a full record of successful & fail incidents occurred in d past & on that basis it takes decisions.
 Making it more clear i can say that- In d starting   it takes decision on d basis of what others (our close relatives & by books) have told 2 do in that condition.Heart applies this approach 4 present & future problems in same condition untill it becomes fail in any particular condition. after failer of this approach, heart orders mind 2 search 4 alternate method & after finding alternate successful method, heart stores it as a default method 2 apply in that case in future.
thus it renews it's default setting same as a program on computer, which needs 2 upgrade on facing new problems or conditions.
 On this basis u can also say that mind is like an 'Advocate' which arguements on any matter before any decision takes place & heart is like a 'Judge'  who takes d final decision.

  My this analysis can help u certainly  in finding a true lover 4 u. I have seen people especially girls(b'coz their heart overcomes their mind ) do not use their brain much before they love anyone. thus they give others d control of their heart easily  & if once a man gets d control over Judge(heart), no matter can be justified whether advocate(mind) then makes arguement or not. 
 It's d main reason why we neglect or even can't bear d objections against our loved one  even if he(or she) is a criminal. instead it's also possible that we make arguement in d favour of him(or her).


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