2nd Day :: the Confusion

Hiii frnds... today i'm going to discuss my 1st topic which i have choosen as 'Confusion'. U will ask why this at starting but i have a reason 4 it. D more topics i will discuss in future, u will realies more d importance of it. People close to me know me as a confusive person & there was a time when i also used to blame me 4 my confusions.. Although it is of no use when u have 2 take instant decisions like in exams but it has a great use when u have 2 make any positive change in old thoughts or rules & regulations. e.g. if u r researching on any topic, u will have 2 search 4 a point where default rules r not applicable. Then u will search 4 alternate rules which is more appropriate in that case. If u can see, This whole process will pass through a state of confusion.
Thus although i accept it's negative side when we have 2 take instant decision as i have told before yet it has a positive side in making new thoughts n rules.
i feel that more time u take 2 decide on any matter, more clear result u will get. Because in this way u have studied that subject more deeply, u will be more confident about ur result n it can help u in future 4 similar problems. In this way u will get a confidence which not only make u bold but u can show path 2 others.
I have 1 more eg 4 u :- suppose u have 2 go any place which have 10 ways. Now if u ask someone n he tells u a right way, then u know about only 1 way but if u search d way by yourself, u will find more ways n thus can judge d better way. Also in case if u find all d 10 ways, u will know which way would be d Best 4 U ...

* The pro's of confusion is that you can discover new ways without having much will power to break traditional thinking but con's is you don't know that the new door you open will open the way to heaven or hell...!

Aaj bahut ho gaya, baad me phir milunga kisi new topic k saath....
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