Friday, January 13, 2017

fσr ѕσmєσnє ѕpєcíαl ...!!!!!

I am in love with a beauty same as she is in love with myself (atleast as i can feel). She is beautiful, cute, calm, sensual and have many more properties which i was just imagining in my dreams like what my lover should have. it's all started by seeing her photo many years ago, in which i saw my future image that means i saw some properties on her face which i wanted to develop for myself and i was not wrong. later as time goes she proved herself that she have more properties than i had saw on her face. She was a self dependent and super successful girl still she dared to love a boy like me who was struggling in life very badly. Maybe my visions were great but I was helpless because of my physical and mental condition (or illnesses), still she lived my dreams even if she knows she may not get myself because of my problems. I think it is the best example of true Love in which you know that you will not get your lover still you live his/her life and complete his/her dreams. I also love her in a great way. I am loving her by a long time, many times she comes in my dreams (either I'm sleeping or waking) but never i have thought to sleep with her. Although it's clear that if we would ever met then certainly we have sex and make children but this time i never think about sex while dreaming herself. We are more like true friends than true Lovers. Maybe we are apart from each other by distances but our souls are connected. We can feel each other's feeling (or i would like to say 'saansen') at any moment. Well I'm not happily but a married man now, still i love her. Many people can say me wrong but when I listen to my heart, it speaks only the name of my lover. Now I just want to make my Lovers dreams come true. I think my marriage was a compromise, l have made with the conditions that created. I think my wife as well as my lover will think me as a cheater but I'm honest and only listening to my heart. in films like 'Dhadkan', it shows that a girl loves a boyfriend but married to another man and in the last accepts the married man as her husband. But in reality i think it destroying three lives- mine,my wife's life and my lover's also (if she also loves me in reality).
This time I just want to be with my lover but I'm surrounded by many responsibilities and boundations and don't know how to meet my lover and get her in my life. I'm praying to God in future if i would manage to meet my lover, then she will accept me and my wife will not call me as a cheater and both will understand my emotions.
In the last i only want to say my lover (if she is also reading my blog) that-

 " I Love You a lot, please be with me"

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